What is Computer Programming

You have to know what computer programming is because only then, you will be able to understand why App inventor is way more easy than it.

What is purpose of a computer ?

Well, like any other machine computer has been created to perform specific tasks. Say for example a refrigerator in your home reduces the temperature to keep the food fresh.

Even though they seem to be same to some extent but, the tasks that a computer can perform is a way more superior and truly different from any other machine. Basically, they can perform operations like multiplication, addition or division e.t.c but, if you want to solve a more complex problem like calculating simple interest or compound interest then, you need to execute a program that can calculate it. But, before discussing more on programming you have to know what language does a computer understands.

What language does a computer understand?

Computers can understand only machine language. In machine language, each instruction is represented by a binary number. A binary number is a number that has only 1s and 0s. Ex: 110100. For me and you this may be just a number but, for computer it is an instruction and it is a command to perform some operation.

A computer program is a stream of binary numbers (representing instructions) which can be executed by the computer.

So, this rises a question that whether you have to learn machine language for programming? No, absolutely not necessary because of the availability of no of programming languages for different purposes. Ex: Java, c++ e.t.c

What does programming languages do?

Before writing any program the first step that every computer programmer does is

developing an algorithm. An algorithm is a set of logical steps that must be followed in order perform a specific task (as the steps we follow to find a solution for a mathematical problem). For example, if you were to create a program that can calculate an average for n numbers then, your algorithm would be like this

  1. Calculate sum of all the numbers
  2. Divide the sum with n (i.e, no of given numbers)

Algorithms are written in english and it is easy for me and you to understand it. but, in order to execute them on a computer we need to translate them into machine language. The process of translating an algorithm to machine language is very difficult and hence, we use Programming languages . Programming languages use words instead of numbers to represent instructions and it is the reason why they are easy to learn and understand. So, programmers use programming languages to write a program and this can be easily translated into machine language by special softwares called compilers or interpreters.

So, as you have understood why we need a programming language to perform a specific task on computer. Now, you can go further to learn about why App Inventor is easy than any programming language.

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