What is Blockly programming?

Blockly is a new form of programming created by Google for education. It is a JavaScript library for building visual programming editors. The different examples of visual programming editors that have been created using blockly are

  • Blockly Games
  • App Inventor
  • CODE
  • Microsoft Make Code
  • OZO Blockly and more.

All these platforms help non-programmers to learn code. MIT App inventor 2 is one of those platforms which also supports blockly programming language. It uses a graphical interface which allows users to drag and drop visual components such as buttons, labels e.t.c, and to use blocks to create an application that can run on Android devices. MIT university officially controls this platform. Other platforms like Thunkable, Appy Builder and Kodulor came into existence using the source code of MIT App Inventor 2 after its huge success. And these platforms have more than 50K users building android apps.

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