What is MIT App Inventor 2

App Inventor 2 is a no code app development platform that has been created by MIT University. It has been created using a googles programming language called blockly. Unlike various other no code app development platforms in the market, App Inventor allows you to build the app right from scratch. I believe after Android Studio, App Inventor 2 is the best platform to create android apps. In App Inventor 2 you have the choice to design your app’s interface and experience in the way that you like and moreover, you have control over each and every component which may not be available in any other no-code app development platform.

App Inventor is a web app and hence you need not download or install anything in order to use it. All you have to do is just go to https://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu in order to create apps using App inventor 2. You need a Google account in order to sign up for the App inventor’s website. After you sign up you will see a blank list which will display your app projects after you create them. You can have more than one app project on app inventor at the same time. After you click Start new project button and after you give a name to the app project you are ready to develop your app.

In App Inventor 2, we have two tabs:

  • Design tab: In the design tab, you can add components on the screen and change their default properties.
  • Blocks tab: In blocks editor, you can set an action to take place when different events occur. For example, you can change the color of the button when Button Clicked event occurs.

This was just a small introduction to MIT App Inventor 2. There are more upcoming tutorials that will help you create your dream app. So, subscribe to this website in order to be updated about new content.

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