What is a Screen in App inventor 2

In App Inventor any app Project is divided into different screens.

A screen is something like a page of a book. Every new page has new text and new information. In a similar manner, every app has different screens and every screen has different features – which means they can have completely different components and blocks.

Every page in a book has a new information.
App created by app inventor 2 having two different screens
Two different screen of a app

For Example,

  • An eCommerce app can have a separate screen for a catalogue or list of products, another screen for cart and cart items and yet another screen for order placement.
  • A game app has different screens for a single-player game; multiplayer game and for a leader board; and obviously another screen for a home page leading to any one of these different screens.

In the case of a book; you have different properties to choose like, font size, font type, colours, margins and more. In a similar way you have different properties to choose for a screen like selecting the alignment; changing Background colour or image, screen orientation, theme, title and more.

Other facts about a Screen:

  1. Every app has a default screen i.e; Screen1. You have to create other screens when you need.
  2. You cannot change the order of screens. Hence, you should be careful to decide whether you are going to use Screen1 as a home screen or for a splash screen or for a direct application.
  3. Screen 1 has more properties when compared to other screens like adding App name, adding Icon for the app, selecting sizing and more. Moreover, while all other screens can be deleted; Screen1 cannot be deleted.
  4. Information from 1 screen to other screens can be shared using blocks. However; the type of information to be shared is restricted to values; the value shared from other screens can be used for deciding the type of operation to execute in the current screen or for any other purpose.

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