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when YandexTranslate.GotTranslation

This event triggers after a translation is sent from Yandex translate API. The translation variable attached to this block gives the translated text. While the response code is generally a numerical code which represents the status of the API call made to Yandex translation API. Example of response code, Code: 401 – means “API key …

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when Button.Click

An event block which triggers when the app user has clicked the button. Any operation that you want to take place after the button is clicked should be attached to this block.

Open another screen with start value

This block is helpful to share small information from one screen to another. For example, If you have a separate screen for payments then, you can use this block to share the success or failure message to another screen.


A screen is just like a page of a book. You can distribute the operations of an app into different screens. Every screen can have different components, different blocks and perform different activities. Information from one screen to another can be shared using a control block called .

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