Best places to learn MIT App Inventor 2

If you are lacking skills to use App Inventor but, you are in a hurry to create your app then, it is sure that you should work on gaining knowledge rather than practicing App Inventor. There are lots of ways to quickly gain a good understanding about it but, I have filtered a lot and presented only those sources in this video that will make you an App Inventor Pro in a very small time.

Few best sources for learning App Inventor 2

  1. Thunkable Docs
  2. Puravidaapps
  3. Pixie Bomb’s Youtube channel
  4. A book by David Wolber – App Inventor 2: Create your own Android Apps
  5. – Our website also contains educational articles about MIT App Inventor 2 and it has been designed to teach everyone about MIT app inventor. So, if you want to know about App inventor and create mobile apps then, do subscribe to this website for amazing tutorials and courses.

If you want to point any other sources then, reply in the comments section. Do check my youtube channel where I am publishing a videos about App Inventor 2 with a detailed explanation of its features.

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