A new App Inventor series for all the beginners

If you ask me “how did I found App Inventor? and how was my journey with it at the beginning stage?”. I am sure I cannot answer it because it was very uncertain. All I could remember is testing different components, searching a lot to find solutions and to understand the components. I felt demotivated so many times because of not being able to find a solution. Often I used to assume App Inventor doesn’t have a feature that I need, while it actually had it.

I struggled for more than 2 years before I have gained full confidence in it and before I was able to build apps that I want. The reason for hustle is pretty simple – NO PROPER RESOURCES OR GUIDE. I know there are few books available on Amazon, there is documentation from Thunkable and recently App Inventor has also created new documentation. But, none of them was actually helpful because as a non-programmer it was not something I actually needed.

All of the new App Inventors face a similar problem, you will have everything right in front of you but, you will not be able to do much. Because you are not familiar with the process of app development and you haven’t figured out “How to adhere to this new environment”.

There are three questions which are very important to answer in the first place:

  1. what is this platform ( i.e; App Inventor 2)?
  2. What is the procedure for developing apps?
  3. Where should you look for solutions?

Once, you have the answer to these few questions then, you can use this platform with full confidence and without any confusion. In addition to that, you will also have a guided path to look for solutions and go further with your app project.

I will help you to find answers to these important questions. By following me you can cut short the time required to learn about the platform, avoid a lot of struggle and start creating apps.

I have already created many tutorials like MIT App Inventor 2 advanced course, create a translator app using MIT App Inventor 2, Play, pause and stop Tts in App Inventor and How to check internet connection in app inventor. But, none of them is directly oriented for beginners. So, this time instead of helping fellow App Inventors I want to help people who are new to it.

And the big news is that this is going to be free. You can grab all the tutorials on my website. I want you to take the full benefit of these new tutorials and not miss the opportunity So, subscribe to our mailing list Right now!!

This series is for you if,

  • You are new to app inventor
  • You actually don’t know how this platform works.
  • You want to create apps without programming.
  • You want clear info about different components and their usage.

What to expect from this series

The beauty of app creation is in exploring new ideas and avoid limiting yourself. But, to implement your ideas you need to actually know what type of component to use and how to use them. The main goal of this series is to help you to overcome this difficulty.

It is going to be a Hands-on experience with a lot of informational content. First, you will follow me to create apps and then, you need to go through certain informational articles. In these articles, you will find a detailed explanation of the procedure that has been followed.

In addition, I will provide free .aia files and other resources(like icons, graphics..) which you will use while creating apps.

When will I publish these tutorials

As of now, I haven’t created a lot of content so, I can only publish once a week. But, I will increase the number in the near future as I am planning to create more content.

I recommend you to subscribe us in order to be notified about our new posts.

How can you ask questions to me

As we are yet at the beginning stage I don’t expect a lot of questions to come in my way. However, after a few weeks, I will arrange a separate day in a week to just answer your questions. You can add the questions in the comments section of any post right now!!

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